The Aligerai series

Now in Paperback!

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Rise of the Aligerai is now available in paperback!

You can pick up the paperback copy from Amazon here:

The ebook version is still free from Amazon and Smashwords. The second book in the series will be available in paperback later this year (I’m projecting around October).

Thanks for all your support and thank you to those folks who have already bought the paperback and given me positive feedback!

The Aligerai series

Cover Reveal for ‘A Shadowed Soul’

Here it is! The cover art for the second book in the Aligerai series, A Shadowed Soul. Check it out below!

Back, front, and spine of cover art

Front cover

Cover Design and Photo: Regina Wamba of
Cover model: Kimberly Tallman

So what do you think? Leave comments below!



Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!

And happy snow day to those in the MD/VA area. It has finally stopped snowing.

I have an update for you all!  So you know how I said March 15 would be the cover art reveal? You probably remember that.

Unfortunately, my cover artist had a family emergency and things are a bit delayed. I have seen the first draft of the cover and it looks AMAZING, so I’m very excited to share it soon!  I should have the finished product sometime this week and as soon as I do, I’ll share it with you and announce what kind of giveaway I’m going to do, because I’m determined to do a cool giveaway to celebrate the release of Book 2.

I keep calling it Book 2 even though it has a title now . . . force of habit, I suppose. The title: A SHADOWED SOUL.

So, yes, there is my exciting news for the day. Enjoy your St. Patty’s Day/snow day!


Cover Art for Book 2

So if all goes well, I’ll have cover art for my second book by March 15!

If all goes as planned and I do in fact get it that day, I’ll post the cover reveal soon after. I’m so excited!  I’m working with a pro cover artist this time and I can’t wait to see the first iteration of what she’s come up with.

I’m also looking into putting together a little giveaway for maybe an Amazon gift card to celebrate the launch of Book 2.

So stay tuned!


What’s Coming Next?

Eager to know what’s coming up in Book 2 of The Aligerai series? Here’s a working draft of the back cover summary:

Enemies old and new circle around the Aligerai, waiting for a fatal mistake. One of the Aligerai’s own remains trapped in the Chaos world of Metanoia. And the threat of the soul-eating demons and the end of Corá looms ever closer . . .

Sita and her friends Ariene and Roxanne must stay one step ahead of their enemies and find a way to track and defeat the demon Pur. But each of the Aligerai faces their own internal battles. When their enemies strike too close to home, the Aligerai must decide whether to stay together . . . or splinter apart.

I’m still working on the title, but I have a couple of ideas. I’ll post my ideas soon and let you all vote!  Also, if anyone wants to suggest an idea based on the summary, please do!  (Hard to do, I know, but you never know what creative people will see or come up with.)

Don’t forget to keep up with the Facebook page. I post updates there as well!


Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone!  I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are gearing up for an awesome new year!

Sadly, not much has changed for me in the writing world. I’m still looking for beta reading/feedback on my second manuscript. I could publish it without that feedback, but that always makes me a little nervous. Every author misses things, and publishing without the feedback has never been ideal. So I’m faced with the unfortunate choice of either moving forward without the feedback or holding until I receive some input from a reader.

I also don’t have cover art. Kind of important! [By the way, I’m looking for a cover artist, if anyone out there is interested.]

Book 3 is in progress, and I believe the word count on the right sidebar is a little out of date. I’ll have to check, but I believe I added a few more pages to the total.

NaNoWriMo was a disaster for me this year. I started out strong, but faded by the second week. But I have a good excuse! I was working on a Christmas project for my family. I wrote up a family history book detailing all my family history research. It was a massive project totaling some 140 Word pages and I didn’t even finish everything I wanted to include.

And now it’s the holidays. NaNoWriMo is done. My Christmas project is finished (for now). I have plenty of time off work.

It’s time to get some writing done!

One final plea for 2013: please, someone out there, please agree to read the draft of Book 2 and send me feedback! I would really appreciate this gift. I should also add that all beta readers receive a free copy of the finished work as thanks.

Best to all, happy holidays, and happy new year!


First Short Story Now Posted!

Hi all!  The first short story from the world of Gennaios has now been posted!  The short stories I’m posting first are some mythological stories as they would be imagined by the peoples of Gennaios.  Other short stories that focus on the characters and side characters from the books will come eventually, but these mythological stories are the ones I’ve already got prepared and ready to go.  So enjoy!

Check them out on the Short Story page here.


The Joyful Amazon Adventure

Yes, that title is sarcastic.

As many of you know, my book Rise of the Aligerai was available on Amazon for free, and had been since March. However, for about 2 weeks now it has been listed at the price of $.99. Amazon reverted to the original price without direction from me.

This is quite frustrating, I must say. I have been trying to change the book back to free since I realized the price was again $.99. I’ve had no luck so far. So if you’ve been waiting to download the book because it’s supposed to be free and Amazon is not allowing that, you may have to wait a little while longer. Or you can download for free through the Smashwords page linked to below.

Sorry about the mix-up with the prices!  Like I said, I’ve been trying to change the price back to free but have had no luck yet.  If you’d like to help, you can go to the Amazon page below and under the Product Details section, there is a piece of text saying “tell us about a lower price”. Link to the Smashwords page and click the submit button.  Every report to Amazon helps! (Or it should . . .)


Want to know how frustrating this is for me? The below GIF illustrates my feelings quite well:

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch


First Chapter

Hey everyone! The first chapter of “The Rise of the Aligerai” is posted here on the site for free reading. Check it out at the link below after the first two paragraphs! And grab your copy of the book when it’s released tomorrow!

Darkness engulfed the city. Pinpricks and pockets of light scattered across town shed some light, but the violence of yesterday’s storm left downed trees and power lines, debris everywhere, and standing water in low-lying streets that had yet to drain.

Robert rubbed at his aching eyes. As it was, it felt like nothing more could be tacked on to the end of a long and tiring day. He had been rushing everywhere today, traveling around to meet with various people on the whims and orders of his employer. So much fetching and carrying, searching and spying… and the lack of electricity in an already steamy summer only made things worse for everyone.

Read more–>


Book Release Excitement

As we get closer and closer to December, I get more and more excited for this book release!  I really can’t wait to get my book out there for the world to see!  I’m going through the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb to look for any lingering errors or issues, but I think I’ve managed to catch most, if not all. 

The artwork is done, the manuscript is formatted, and soon it will be uploaded and ready for downloads!

Remember, December 13th is when it’s released!