Short Stories

Short stories! These are short stories based on the Gennaios universe. I took some common mythological themes and imagined what those would mean to a Gennaios universe and how the stories might change. From the tribes of the frigid north to the wanderers of ancient Gennaians, the stories come from a wide range of peoples on Corá.

**Creation of the Universe
**The Separation of the Sun and Moon
**Creation of Humans

Creation of the Universe

A tale from the ancient tribes who once lived in the area of current Gennaios

In a time before our time, there lived no humans, and there lived no Choraná, our Mother. In time before our time, there lived only the Great Creator, the Universe.

But the Universe felt lonely. There lived none to talk to her, to hear her stories. Another god lived with the Universe, but Time moved on his own and spoke not with the Universe very often. When the loneliness became too great to bear, the Universe spread her milky hair before her and plucked many hairs from her head. The Great Creator wrapped each strand of shining hair into a sphere and set them around her. These became the stars we see.

For a long time the Universe lived content. She spoke to the stars, and sang to them, and when she spoke or sang the stars twinkled with happiness. The Great Creator sang and the stars danced with her.

The Universe became lonely again eventually. The stars twinkled and danced, but they could not speak. So the Great Creator pulled more strands of her milky hair from her head and again wrapped them into spheres. But to each new sphere she added a tear, fallen from her dark eyes, and a small piece of her flesh, taken from the fourth finger of her left hand. Each new sphere now became firmer than the stars, and some spheres had waving oceans, and others less firm did not. But these new spheres lived not. So the Universe breathed on the spheres and they lived, and the Universe gave each sphere a name. These are the planets.

And inside each planet lived its soul, for because the Universe gave of her flesh and tears, the planets held a piece of the Universe. These souls could speak as the stars could not, and lived in a way that the stars could not.

At last, the Universe was happy.

The Separation of the Sun and the Moon

To be released soon!

Creation of Humans

To be released soon!

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