Map of Gennaios

Here is a map of Gennaios and her neighboring countries in Corá. Click on the image below to enlarge.

Map of Gennaios

Yes, I drew this by hand. It took many hours of deep thought, careful sketching, and a lot of erasing!  This doesn’t cover all of Corá by any means–Corá is as diverse and large as Earth–but you see the country of Gennaios and her surrounding neighbors.

Country names: capital letters, pink color
Islands: orange color
Trees and forests: green shading, small circles
Plains or wide flat lands: diagonal lines
Hills: small arcs
Mountains: small triangles

This work is my own creation and I hold all rights to this image. Please do not reproduce or copy in any way without my express permission. It has been posted on this website by the author and is intended to be supplemental material to The Aligerai book series. Your courtesy is appreciated.

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