The extras page!  Here you’ll find additional information about the world of Corá, the characters, glossary, and so forth.  Enjoy!

(And do let me know if there are other extras you’d like to see!)

Glossary of Terms

Most of the words I use are based off of Greek words and very loosely translated. But not all are based off Greek–some are just made up!  In the series, these are words from Old Gennaian, an endangered language mostly used by families in the home or during certain government ceremonies.

AligeraiWinged Ones
chroa/chroaecolor mage/color mages
genos/genoitype mage/type mages
-laindicates a noun is plural
-teindicates a noun is singular
harishla nanSorcerer or Sorceress
vordarla nanEnchanter or Enchantress; literally ‘divine mage’

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