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Eleanor & Elizabeth (tentative title)

Eleanor is the headstrong crown princess of the realm, and will inherit the throne. Her father insists that she marry, but there’s one problem – there are very few eligible noble young men in the kingdom. So the king decides a contest is in order, and the winner not only wins the contest, but wins Eleanor’s hand in marriage to become the Prince Consort.

Elizabeth is the daughter of a prominent textile merchant. While her older sisters train to take over the business, Elizabeth travels the country guarding her father’s trading caravans. When she hears about the contest, she can’t resist the adventure, but some crucial information is missing…

Slated for a late 2020 release.


The Memorist (working title)

This story is very loosely defined still, so don’t be surprised if there are shifts from what I describe here.

In the country of Qiro, the Recorders use their magic to witness the memories of the powerful and record them in specialized containers. They can access the recordings at will, and share the information with others, granting invaluable insight and perspective to history. Their magic is revered in a society that honors the past and family ancestors. But only the powerful and the rich can afford the services of the Recorders.

Kamaria tel Ekab was raised as an outcast on the streets, but when the Chief Recorder rode by her one day and felt the power she owns, he guided her to the palace and a position of power and influence as the future queen’s Chief Recorder-in-Training. Although grateful for her good fortune, she chafes at the injustices she witnesses, and when she’s given an opportunity to cause a bit of chaos, she just might do so.

Slated for a 2021 release.

Tears of the Moon (working title)

Slated for a 2021 release.