The Aligerai Series

Cover for Rise of the Aligerai

Rise of the Aligerai
Book One

ISBN: 978-1492304944
Sita Newbury is more interested in surviving college and making friends than playing with magic.  Her gifts had only ever caused problems, and the wings she had been born with would have sentenced her to a life of scientific study if anyone found out.  But her new college friends reveal secrets of their own, and soon Sita and her friends find themselves in a magical world called Corá . . . and facing enemies more interested in seeing them dead than alive.  Sita must find a way to handle magical tests, magic lessons, revelations about her family, and stop inter-world occultists called Imbri Mors from taking over both Earth and Corá–all while keeping her grades up and herself and her friends hidden.

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Cover art for A Shadowed Soul

A Shadowed Soul
Book Two

ISBN: 978-1500982362
Imbri Mors is in pieces.  Rumors of Darci’s whereabouts and speculation over what she might do next haunt Sita and her friends. And Owen Madison, Sita’s boyfriend, has disappeared without a trace.  On top of everything else, Queen Catherine takes an interest in the Aligerai, Ka’len increases Sita’s training, and something very strange is happening with Roxie . . . and dangerous spymaster Alexander Knight makes it clear he would like to cultivate the Aligerai for his own ends.  Can Sita hold her friends and family together, or will they splinter under the pressure?

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Cover art for Fractured Bonds

Fractured Bonds
Book Three

ISBN: 978-1095529546
The demon Pur threaten to break free and consume all of Earth and the magical world of Corá. The Aligerai work harder than ever before to find the answers they need to stop the Pur from breaking free – but the ancient demons are a mystery. As time runs short, Sita and her friends grow desperate and are forced to call upon unlikely allies. Even with the aid of gods and shadow societies, Sita realizes it may not be enough – and someone may have to pay the ultimate price to save the world.

Buy Fractured Bonds on Amazon: Kindle version | Paperback version

House of Awle
Book Four

Book Five

Book Six

Outside the Aligerai Series

Eleanor & Elizabeth

Planned for late 2020

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