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Events Update: Awesome Con 2020 CANCELLED

Sad news, y’all. I had been accepted for a vendor table in Artist’s Alley at Awesome Con in Washington, DC for this year. But because of the pandemic, the con was first delayed until December and now the December date has been cancelled.

I’m really quite sad. This year was going to be the first year I appeared at a con, and I’d even timed the release of Fractured Bonds in time that it would debut at the con. But, such is life in a pandemic. I realize and acknowledge that it’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed.

I wholeheartedly, 100%, and without reservation support the decision to cancel. I give a lot of credit and thanks to the staff of Awesome Con for making these difficult decisions.

I look forward to being part of Awesome Con 2021 next May. I hope to see you all there! In the meantime, stay safe, sane, and healthy, and read some books!

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