Antique-style pen

Writing Tools: All the Pens

I love pens, so this blog will be an ode to my favorites.

As many of you know, I typically prefer to write my drafts the old fashioned way: longhand, with a pen and notebook. Sometimes I’ll write on the computer, or I’ll go back and forth, but my favorite is writing with a pen and paper.

There’s something magical in that process for me. It’s a concrete action. I appreciate the tactile experience of holding a quality pen and feeling it glide across the paper as I create a new story. If I sort of take a mental step back and allow a part of me to observe while I’m writing, I can actually get into a kind of surreal automatic flow in which my ideas are connected directly to my hand and flowing through the pen itself. It’s difficult to describe! But I have never had that same experience of almost channeling the words onto the page by using a computer.

Creating the Magic

Part of creating the magic of writing includes the pens I use. I don’t have one favorite pen – I have many.

All of my current writing pens have come from Pens and More, a small business out of Indiana. I first found them a few years ago when I had a booth at Awesome Con. I actually got two pens the first year. I bought the dark purple wood one and Stevan gifted me the blue shake-pen.

I quickly fell in love with these pens. They feel good in the hand, they have a nice weight that’s solid and stable without being too heavy, and they write really well. Another huge factor is that although they’re all handmade, I can purchase the replacement ink from Staples or Office Depot myself and add more ink to them when they get used up.

These pens will last a long time. I’ll admit that I don’t necessarily need to keep buying them – the first two I got have held up exceptionally well, and I have absolutely no complaints. But . . . let’s face it, I want more. I always want more pens. They’re my version of Pokemon, I have to get them all.

Closeup of cat pen design

Add a Splash of Color

Those are the pens for writing – now I use a different pen for editing.

I found the Yoobi ten-color pen while browsing the office section of the store one day and picked it up. It’s large, but I really like it for editing. Part of my editing and revision process is to print my manuscript out and get it bound in a spiral or comb. That way I can flip through easily and I will mark up everything. By the time I’m done with a single draft, I’d better have pages just completely covered in red markup.

Yoobi multi-color pen

Now that I have this pen, though, I can color-code my notes, or re-read the same manuscript a few times and use a different color for each round of drafts. I’m a highly visual person, so having that color difference makes a huge difference for me.

The Yoobi writes really well and is very smooth. I haven’t yet regretted grabbing it that day, and I even liked it so much that I went back and got another one to give to Stevan for his notes.

AND, according to Yoobi’s website, for every brand item you purchase from them, a Yoobi item will be donated to a classroom in need in the US. So I feel pretty good about it, too! =)

What are your favorite pens? How do you prefer to write?

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