New Extra!

Hi everyone!  I’ve just added a new extra to the site!  If you’ve read Rise of the Aligerai, you know there’s this strange country called Gennaios on a world called Corá . . . well, I’ve added a shiny map of Gennaios and other countries! Now you can get a visual of what things look like and how areas relate to each other.

Any misunderstandings of how geography and cartography work are entirely my own. I did my best to maintain accuracy in such things as where mountains could be placed and where islands might naturally appear. Also, do note it is NOT drawn to scale, as I am rubbish at math and can’t measure properly on paper.

Check out the map under the Extras section or just click here!

(Short stories are the next extra, and I think the first story will be posted next week!  So stay tuned!)


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