What If

What if . . .

One of my favorite exercises is “what if.”  It combines daydreaming with some actual productive writing work.  Sort of.  Well, most of the time it does.  Other times it’s just fun.

My most recent “what if” concerned my characters from The Aligerai series.  Without giving anyone a spoiler, they are now in a situation where they live in a place that is lacking in modern technology and amenities, rather remote, and governed very differently from what they’re used to.  So what would happen if I were in that situation?  How would I react?

My main “what if” questions:  What if you found yourself on a world like what I’ve described above.  What modern technology/amenities would you miss?  What would you want to take with you?  What would you miss least?

I think I would miss air conditioning and central heating the most.  I can’t stand being too hot or too cold.  When it’s blistering hot outside, I feel like I’m a puddle.  I just want to get into the cold.  When it’s freezing or covered in snow outside, I hiss at the cold and scramble for the warm.  I can’t stand extremes on either end, so I think I would miss AC/central heating the most and want to take that with me.

Either that or a toothbrush.

As for what I’d miss least, I think it would be cars.  I could ride a horse everywhere, or walk.  It’s a great exercise plan, I’d get back in shape in no time!  Plus, I’d get back into horseback riding, which I haven’t gotten to do in years because it costs so darn much and I can’t justify spending money on lessons. (big sad face right there)

What about you?


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