Extras on the Site

Hey there everyone!  Question for you all.  I’m working on developing some extras for the site here.  Some of my ideas are pretty cool, in my opinion.

  • Map of Corá
  • Character journals
  • A few short stories
  • Artwork (if I can figure out how to draw one day…)
  • A glossary of unusual terms I use in the books
  • Chronology of events that take place in Corá

What I want to know is, would people be interested in looking at/reading this sort of stuff?  The character journals, for instance.  My idea is to write “journals” from the point of view of the characters about their lives and what they see and think.  But my concern with this is, the journals may only make sense if you’ve read the book.  They wouldn’t be very good as introductory material for new readers, and may contain spoilers if someone hasn’t read the book yet.

What do you all think?  Do you have any other suggestions of things you would like to see?


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