Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday 2/14/2013

btt button Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme that focuses (mostly) on books and reading.

What do you love most about reading?

Good question!  I think what I love most about reading is getting lost in the story.  Feeling the world drop away into the mists of another world bit by bit until this world is no longer the real one, and the real world is the book’s world.  Feeling like I’m in another country, or a different person, or like I’m wrapped up in a new adventure with each story.  Also, just the feel of a book in my hands.  The smell of the paper and glue, the feel of the paper as familiar as my own skin.  Reading is an experience.  It lifts the soul and transforms the senses.

That’s what I love most about reading.

**cross-posted on my other book blog, Fantastical Reads.**


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