Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

A friend of mine at another blog participates in this meme and she seems to really enjoy it, so I decided to add it to the website here to add some fun and variety.  I hope you all enjoy!  I know I’m a day late for this week’s question, but I’m going to answer anyway–and, as Deb (the creator of BTT) points out, we don’t have to answer on Thursdays!

btt button Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme that focuses (mostly) on books and reading.

Do you like to give books as gifts?

It depends on the person.  If it’s someone who likes to read, then yes, I love giving books as gifts!  Especially if it’s something I’ve read and I think they’ll like, because then I’ll get to talk about the book with them and have fun with it.  If it’s someone who is sort of into books but not a huge fan, then I might give a book as a gift, but I’d have to be sure it’s one they’ll like.

Basically, I’ll only give a book as a gift if the person will enjoy it, cherish it, love it, and welcome it as they would welcome a long-lost friend.  Otherwise, I hate to think of the book sitting on a shelf untouched, unloved, and unopened.  My imagine runs away and sees the book staring at the person with big puppy-dog eyes and I just can’t take it.  Books are meant to be loved, so I’ll only enjoy giving them as gifts if I’m fairly certain that they will be loved.  =)


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