First Chapter

Hey everyone! The first chapter of “The Rise of the Aligerai” is posted here on the site for free reading. Check it out at the link below after the first two paragraphs! And grab your copy of the book when it’s released tomorrow!

Darkness engulfed the city. Pinpricks and pockets of light scattered across town shed some light, but the violence of yesterday’s storm left downed trees and power lines, debris everywhere, and standing water in low-lying streets that had yet to drain.

Robert rubbed at his aching eyes. As it was, it felt like nothing more could be tacked on to the end of a long and tiring day. He had been rushing everywhere today, traveling around to meet with various people on the whims and orders of his employer. So much fetching and carrying, searching and spying… and the lack of electricity in an already steamy summer only made things worse for everyone.

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