I admit it: I’m a big Doctor Who fan.  I love the series, I love the Doctor, and I tend to talk about it a lot.  Sometimes I’m a little afraid my friends get tired of it when I mention Doctor Who, so I try not to do it very often.  But, I mention it now because I just got this device called a Roku.  You get the device and then you can stream channels and Netflix and other services through the Roku via Internet and onto the tv.  It’s brilliant and wonderful and I’m so grateful someone thought of this excellent device.

Anyway, I just got it and have been watching a lot of Doctor Who on my TV via Roku.  And as I’ve been watching the show, I’ve noticed that it’s worked its way into my dreams, and into my inspiration.

Some people say that inspiration is something meant for beginner writers.  Some people say that inspiration is an excuse.  When you don’t have inspiration, you don’t write, so you only create something when you are inspired.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who for a while now, and I’ve noticed that I’ve come up with more ideas for my stories after watching the show.  Not that I’ve been taking ideas from the show–that would be plagiarism–but the fact that it’s a very imaginative, creative show has sort of massaged my creative muscles, activated my imagination, and caused more ideas to pop in at a faster rate than normal.  It’s inspiring.

I think inspiration has gotten a bad rep, because some people do use it as an excuse, and so most everyone has begun to think that in order to do something creative, you need inspiration first.

You can write without inspiration.  You don’t need inspiration to write something good.  But I think it does help.  It helps to be inspired, though it’s also very easy to use inspiration as a crutch, especially if you’re slightly lazy by nature (guilty!).

Inspiration is like a spark of light in the darkness.  It brings joy and fire and hope.  Inspiration is what makes the imagination burn brighter.  It is the kindling to the bonfire.  Inspiration pushes the creativity to the maximum.  Every artistic person has experienced at least once that brilliant moment of inspiration, that flash of light in the mind.  And something creative always comes of it.

I don’t think that inspiration is necessary all the time in order to create.  But I do think inspiration is helpful, and when you’re stuck in the mud, it’s what pulls you out of the rut.  As long as inspiration isn’t used as a crutch, an excuse, then it’s a brilliant, wonderful thing.

And Doctor Who has helped pull me out of the mud at last!


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